Work In Progress 2, Multimedia Project
Private Draft
marco postigo storel
Oct 12, 2020
Our multimedia project on veterans on BLM project is going really well. The idea is to make a website a mix text, video clips, photos and graphs to talk about their story, how it changed over the years and their advice for the present and future generations.

We already talked to Mary Ratliff and Jeff Stack, which were two great interviews. The first question was just to introduce themselves and they almost answered all of the questions we with that. I had a feeling that the activists, because of their passion for social justice, they would talk about it nonstop, making the first question last for almost 40 minutes.

The information that the two gave us was impressive, and helped a lot with insight for our text portion. Our next person to interview is going to be Rev. Dr. C.W. Dawson, which is going to be a zoom, interview today, and we thought of asking him to record video of himself while doing it, making the quality better.

Overall, I think we are in a good direction, however we haven't had many time to gather photos and make the website.

Marco Postigo Storel

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